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In the era of technology, people only purchase electronic goods that offer maximum benefits and operate for a longer period of time. Choice Chemtech Pvt Ltd is a leading technical firm that deals in the supply and manufacture of LED bulbs of different types. These bulbs hold multiple applications at homes, stores, garages, factories and many other commercial properties. We only provide eco-friendly and products that have been designed by our technical products to ensure the protection of our planet from any chemical harm.

0.5 Watt LED Bulb

0.5 Watt Led bulbs are widely used for domestic and commercial lighting. These bulbs have strong brightness despite being of low watt and do not lose their glow even if the voltage is low. These are manufactured in several colours and hence match well with the designs of your rooms.

5 Watt to 7 watt 270 degree 40 housing

The 5 Watt to 7 Watt 270 degree 40 housing bulb holds application in residences, industries and commercial properties. Due to low power consumption and perfect glow, these are always in high demand. These consume minimum amount of electricity while expelling maximum brightness.

9 Watt to B12 Watt 270 Degree Housing

These 9 Watt to B12 Watt 270 degree housing bulbs is of high quality and releases rich amount of light. It brightens up the whole residence soothing. These LED bulbs can be installed without much hassle. Besides this, the electricity consumption rate is extremely low.

Tender bulb 5 watt to 9 watt EESL

Releasing light that does not increase the room temperatures, tender 5 watt to 9 watt eesl bulbs are the most suitable ones for your residences or commercial buildings. They illuminate brighter and much soothing light as compared to other LED bulbs.